We deem thee Volunteer Radio

22 08 2008

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a poetry slam at the University of the South Pacific. It was the first time I had my sound equipment out in public, and I recorded most of the poets and a few other ambient sounds. Recording was easy, and I think the sound quality turned out pretty well. Editing was another story. I’ll admit it’s taken awhile to learn the editing program, whittle these poems down and add in some music. The whole thing was a learning process for me — including the ELO-esque music overproduction — so I’d like to hear what you think.

I choose to present the first round of poets in this podcast because the poems were by in large better and the audience was more restrained, mostly because people didn’t have the opportunity to knock back a few Fiji Bitters until the break.

Content wise, I’d say that most of this stuff is suitable for all ages. Some of it, however, is most certainly not. Keep the volume down — lest your boss hears.

From here on out we deem this project Volunteer Radio.


A walk through the festival

21 08 2008

Here is a quick little podcast containing some sounds from a festival not far from my place. I’ll try to bring out some more later.